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Progressions Salon & Spa is a place
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About Lise Cooke...

To become a master in this industry, you
must first have a natural, artistic talent.
Far more important, you must have a
passion for fashion, creativity, and truly
want to please a person. By listening and giving clients what they need and want and not what you want them to wear that represents you, will ultimately lead to a more satisfied customer I believe that some stylist get so wrapped up in trying to impress others with the latest styles or color that |they forget that the true master fits the style to the person and not try to make the person fit the style. Through the years, I have become successful in this business but I truly believe my success all came from my love and passion for this industry. As a young stylist, my goal was to become the best hair stylist I could be but I quickly learned that making a person look and feel good about themselves often made a big impact on them. This in turn was so rewarding to me that my job became my life. I took in every piece of knowledge I could get from every client, every hair show, and every person I worked with. Every educational course that was available to me I attended. I learned to listen and hear what client's were saying and what they liked about their hair styles and what they didn't like. I also learned from my clients where other stylist had gone wrong which helped to improve my skills. With this knowledge, I was able to give my clients their own individual style. Styles that were suited for them and their needs. As time went by, I became successful thanks to the generosity of my clients telling other people about me and why they liked using my services. In 1986, I opened my first salon. Because I have always believed that knowledge should be shared, I found another passion that was equally rewarding in my career - teaching young stylist and watching them become successful. In all my 30 plus years of working behind the chair, I have never been bored or burned out. I absolutely love my career. It's my passion. God has blessed me with a natural love for art, a keen eye for fashion and beautiful clothes, and of course lots of shoes (well, this may have been a curse). With a creative mind and a true love for this business, when you leave Progressions, I want you to feel good and look great. After all, our salon is all about YOU... When image makes a difference... We can give you your own style!