The Deva Curl
Embrace your curls with the DevaCurl three step curl care system. This system consists of a cleansing, hydration, and definition of your curls. The DevaCurl three step system reveals your natural curl with smooth definition and eliminates frizz. These products are 100% sulfate free, silicone free, plastic free and paraben free. While containing only moisturizing and water soluble botanicals, your hair gets restored to the curls natural order.

Deva Cut
The DevaCurl hair cut is a cut designed specifically for curly hair. Your stylist will analyze your curl pattern and hydration to give you a cut that will work best for you. The DevaCurl cut is done on dry hair only and then followed with the DevaCurl three step system. This cut focuses on individual curls and how they naturally fall to create the best desired shape for your new cut.