All Designers at Progressions Salon and Spa receive advanced education, attend international shows and are given ongoing in-house training. Prices vary based upon Designers years of experience, advanced education, technical expertise, customer satisfaction, as well as the length and thickness of hair. Progressions Salon and Spa offers several levels of Designers.

  • Our Artistic Designers are either assisting under a Haute Couture Designer or an Art Director, or have completed the assistant program.

  • Our Couture Designers have completed advanced trainings in cut and color design and
    have excelled in customer service and customer satisfaction.

  • Our Haute Couture Designers are experts in the art of cut and color design. Haute
    Couture designers also participate in different levels of teaching in the assistant program.

  • Our Art Directors have years of experience in the art and technology of color
    and cut design. Art directors also direct and lead the assistant program.

If you would like to request a particular stylist, please let the receptionist know when booking your reservation. You may also request a complimentary consultation with the stylist for an exact quote.

Cut and Style   Artistic
Ladies Shampoo,
Cut & Style (regular/long)
  $50/$55   $60/$65   $70/$75   $80/$85
Cut & Style
  $30   $35   $40   $45
Child’s Shampoo,
Cut & Style
(under 12)
  $30   $35   $40   $45
Child's Cut
(under 12)
  $20   $25   $30   $35
Shampoo & Style (regular/long)   $30   $30/$35   $35/$40   $35/$40

Cut Only
w/ additional service

  $35   $45   $50   $65
Up-dos or Special
Occasion Hair
  $60 & Up   $65 & Up   $65 & Up   $65 & Up
Deva Curl Cut
& 3-Step Process
  $60/$65   $70/$75   $80/$85   $90/$95
Deva Curl 3-Step Process (regular/long)   $40/$45   $45/$50   $50/$55   $55/$60