Our massage therapists are nationally certified
and attends continuing education seminars to
bring the latest therapeutic techniques to you. Each person’s individual needs are addressed
to provide the right combination of stress relief, pain relief and relaxation. Therapeutic massage
is recommended on a regular basis for improved muscle tone, blood circulation, and the ease of tension.

Choice of Swedish, Sports, or Prenatal Massage  
Our signature aromatherapy massage uses all natural, eco-friendly Aromafloria massage oils to help soften skin and relieve aching muscles in your body. The aroma of these luscious products will soothe your mind and calm your soul. Choice of kiwi coconut or mango ginger.
      30 minutes $50  
      60 minutes $75  
      6 sessions (save 10%) $405  
      12 sessions (save 20%) $720  
      90 minutes $100  
      6 sessions (save 10%) $540  
      12 sessions (save 20%) $960  
Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage  
Natural enzymes found in the fresh mango softens, nourishes, and rehydrates dry skin. Ginger has long been used in Eastern medicine to promote strength and longevity, to relieve aching muscles and to improve circulation. Its energizing properties relieve fatigue and melts away stress.
      60 minutes $85  
      6 sessions (save 10%) $459  
      12 sessions (save 20%) $816  
      90 minutes $110  
      6 sessions (save 10%) $594  
      12 sessions (save 20%) $1056  
Hot Stone Massage  
This ancient art of healing uses elements of Mother Nature to bring relief to tense muscles, sore joints and stressed emotions. Smooth, heated basalt stones are combined with massage for an exceptional spa experience.
  75 minutes $100  
  6 sessions (save 10%) $540  
  12 sessions (save 20%) $960  
Reflexology is the application of pressure, stretch and movement to the feet and hands to effect corresponding parts of the body. Reflexologists can break up patterns of stress in other parts of the body.
  30 minutes tune-up $45  
  15 minutes added to any massage $20  
    30 minute tune-up added to any massage $30