Nail & Pedicure Care


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Cut and Style   Artistic
Gentleman's Cut & Style   $30   $35   $40   $45
Men's Color   $45   $45   $45   $45
Men's Color Highlights   $65   $65   $65   $65
Flashback (10 min demicolor)   $35   $35   $35   $35
Business Man's Pedicure            

Grooming includes aromatherapy soak, clipping and shaping of toenails, cuticle and callous care and exfoliating treatments. Legs and feet are soothed with hot towel wraps and rejuvenated with a foot and leg massage.

            60 minutes   $46
Business Man's Facial            
A relaxing deep pore cleansing treatment designed specifically for a man's complexion.
            45 minutes   $75
Back Facial                
This effective deep cleansing treatment focuses specifically on the back. It will remove excess oil from clogged congested pores and smooth and hydrate dry, flaky skin. Followed by a relaxing massage.
            50 minutes   $75
Business Man's Package            
Start relaxing with your choice of a 1-hour massage or business man's facial and scalp massage. Finish grooming with a great cut and style, along with the business man's manicure.
            2 hours   $110
Business Man's All Day Package            
Start your day with the ultimate 1-hour massage followed by the business man's deep cleansing facial and scalp massage. Now on to a cut and style tailored just for YOU. Break for lunch feeling relaxed and handsome. Top off your afternoon with the business man's manicure and pedicure. A well-groomed man no woman could resist!
            4 hours /
30 minutes
Perfect Groom Spa Package            
The groom must also be perfectly groomed! Pre-wedding day the groom relaxes with his choice of massage or men's facial and scalp massage. Once completed, the groom receives a shampoo, cut, and style followed by the business man's manicure and pedicure. Now he is ready for his tux!
            3 hours   $150